Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm back.

Sorry for the absence. Lots going on. But let;s get down to business.

Aided by a 25 point bonus for nailing the House vote on the head (233/202), my point total on the pool was 69 points. Here are the other scores:

Auguste Blanqui: 77 (nailed both house and senate final numbers)
Andrew Langer: 2
Cajun Tiger: -29
MM Jersey: 31
Bronx Boy: 59
Seamus: 36

Congratulations Auguste Blanqui. You get a guest post on Southpaw Spot, giving us your election analysis and what it means for the future of politics in our country.

Langer & Tiger, if you would be so gracious, you will allow me a guest post on your sites.

Happy new year everyone.