Friday, October 10, 2008

A message to all politicians:

Don't you dare- ever- come to NYC and go to the World Trade Center and wrap yourself in the flag and call that day in September an AMERICAN tragedy, and then turn right around, leave our city, and insult us as "wall street fat cats" and "the liberal elite," while you hold out the New York Times as a symbol of all that is wrong with the media today.

We are American enough for our enemies to slaughter, but not American enough to be loved by our fellow citizens, is that it?

Ask yourselves: how many of those "wall street fat cats" and "liberal elite" lost friends and family on 9/11? Just a few more than "Joe six-pack" did, that's for damn sure. How many Omaha firefighters died that day? How many from Little Rock? How many from Nashville? That is American blood that was spilled that day. Not New York blood, not Manhattan blood, but American. The people who died in those towers bought American goods, worked for American companies, and paid their taxes to America. Many wore the American flag as part of their uniform.

Like it or not, we're Americans too. Average Americans, at that. We work hard, love our families, and love our country. We love baseball, we love hot dogs. We also love fine art, theater, wine, literature, film, and Sundays in Central Park.

The Big Apple. Gotham. The City So Nice They Named it Twice. New York, New York.



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