Sunday, November 04, 2007

I want to go on the record (again) that I was never, ever on the Reggie Bush bandwagon. I think the hype and the
premature accolades that surrounded his entry to the NFL were ridiculous. His Heisman trophy win over Vince Young was ridiculously disproportionate in respect to their talent and production. Peter King went as far as to suggest that the NFL should suspend their rules and allow Bush to wear a single digit uniform number as an RB; that's how "special" he was. As for me, I have a simple rule: 500+ yards of offense vs. Fresno state does not a messiah make.

Remember this post- because I predict that in 5 years Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Joseph Addai
will all have more pro bowl appearances as a running back than Bush.

Oh, and Reggie: Have your Heisman ready to give back to the NCAA when they come asking for it. It may end up in Young's hands soon enough.